Saturday, October 23, 2010

girlfriend Q&A

 What’s a girlfriend for? 
 to hold in his arms and beside her forever;)

And tell her how much he loves her? 
of coz, luv her so2 much

 For laughing with Or crying over? 
both of them, promise we will be together in a good time and bad time

 For tickling Or poking?
em.... secret aa

  For holding close and keeping warm Or keeping away from everyone else? 
off coz For holding close and keeping warm

 For cheering her on in whatever she does?
zul always support cyg,always beside u

 For keeping her standing tall in all situations Or keeping her in reality?  
i'm always beside her ;)

For going places with him Or telling him which places she wants to go?
always and luv to be beside her ;) 

 For What’s a girlfriend for?  
 A Girlfriend Is..............
  Someone to love, 
Someone to hug,
 Someone to cherish,
 Someone to snug,
 Someone to care for,
 Someone to miss, 
Someone to think off,
 Someone to dream with,
 Someone to scream about, 
Someone to spend ur time with...

of coz a my love... Nur Atiqah bt Ahmad Nor
cyg... kita cme2 jaga cinta kita elok2 ye?jgn lupa sme nsht zul ye cyg??
 zul nk cme2 cyg cmpi bila2, zul eppy cgt2 ngn cyg ;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

buat cinta hati sy Nur Atiqah bt Ahmad Nor

sy perlukan wk disamping sy wt slma2nya, kta jaga cinta kta elok2 n kita cme2 doakn hbgn kta kekal cmpi bila2, kwn2 pn doakn zul tau ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chocolate Boat

George Larnicol, a 55-year-old French chocolatier, managed to create and sail a 3.5-meter-long boat made of chocolate.

On Saturday, September 25, the walled city of Concarneau, in north-western France, hosted an event unique in the world – the launch of a full size chocolate boat. George Larnicol, the mastermind behind this crazy creation, first attempted to sail a chocolate boat on August 15, but the boat crumbled to pieces when turned over from where it was mounted. But one small failure wasn’t enough to make Larnicol quit, and on Saturday, he returned to Concarneau port, with a new chocolate boat named “Bateau Chocolat II” (French for Chocolate Boat II)

The 1.2-ton-heavy boat had a sugar framework, while the rest of it was made entirely of pure chocolate. It took Larnicol and his team one and a half months to complete, working eight hours a day, which adds up to a total of about 400 hours.

George Larnicol and a friend got in the chocolate boat and sailed in it for a bout an hour, waving proudly to the audience, and smiling the whole time. The attached electrical motor allowed the Bateau Chocolat II to reach a top speed of 15km/h.

Chocolatier George Larnicol, who owns a chain of chocolate shops in western France, promised to build a giant 12 meter-long yacht, with two masts, made of 6 to 8 tons of chocolate, sometime in 2012. That’s going to be a sight to be hold, and you can bet you’ll read about it on Oddity Central.

interesting right my friends? if we sail use this boat and struck in the middle or the sea or lake, we can eat the boat and we can die with smile in our face, happy because our stomach full with delicious chocolate ;)