Saturday, August 14, 2010

...I don't want my ex back because:

lets play game, ...I don't want my ex back because: bold the statement about your ex

...I don't want my ex back because:
* That relationship really made me realise what I don't want in my life!
* Everything they ever said was a lie.
* They were cheating on me the entire time!
* Why would I want to be with a person who doesn't love me as much as I love them?
* Ex = O V E R * They're an EX for a reason - And I remember that reason!
* I coudn't trust him/her to walk across the road alone without trying to cheat on me.
* I would rather make out with anyone in the room them give my ex a second of my time!
* I learned from that relationship - I know what I want and I want to move forward!
* My life seems more peaceful without them!
* I got tired of their emotional baggage
* I plan on meeting someone better!
* It took me ages to break it off - I'm not getting back in the same situation I was in after all that effort!
* I don't trust them.
* I want a better sex life
* I'm feeling free and ready to flirt!
* There's someone else I'm looking forward to meeting.
* He/She said they could do so much better - And I'm willing to let them do that!
* The whole relationship was a mistake.
* I moved on ages ago and don't even think about that person! I hardly remember their name!
* Errg... No thankyou! That would be degrading myself!
* They cheated on me. Full stop.
* I never really saw a bright future for that relationship.
* I've got other dreams now, which don't involve an ex.
* Bad kisser, bad manners, too many bad habbits...
* I never really fell in love with them in the first place.
* He/She was already given enough chances!
* I say TomATO and they say Tomato...It was too annoying.
* I get more cuddles from my kitten than I ever did from them.
* I would rather be locked in a cupboard for a year than give my ex another try.
* Once bitten, twice shy.
* They were addicted to porn and I prefer real life action!
* He/She played around so much I was worried I'd get a sexual disease!
* He/She is married. Not to me.
* He/She doesn't seem capable of a committed relationship.
* He/She doesn't have a clue about love.
* He/She only want's me after we've split up.
* He/She did not understand why I was not comfortable about regular meetings with his/her ex.
* He/She stayed up late every night cheating on me with avatars!
* He/She would get drunk and turn into a five year old child.
* I'm over playing games.
* I like being able to decide what to wear on my own, without being scruitinized!
* I like being able to talk to whoever I like without being scruitinized!
* I like being single.
* Now I can choose my own friends!
* The minute I agree to be 'friends' he/she will ask if I'll sleep with him/her again.
* I don't chace them - I replace them!

dear friends,don't let my ex knoe ;)


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