Friday, December 17, 2010

what to do and not in relationship :'(((((

Today. zul want to discuss about the relationship....

Relationship must base on trust, honesty, understanding each other, do not become selfish, its hurt your partner so-so much, :'(((((((

The person in relationship must compromise  helping each other, and ready to help each other when your partner in hard time and many more,if your boyfriend always use the money to u,like buy many money to fuel, treat u, buy the things to you, why not sometimes u treat back your partner if u had extra money. Dont follow what the heart say. You must think deeply about your partner. The relationship is not about how to satisfied your feel or heart only. Except for the partner who have unlimited money

You also must understand how to differentiate what mean by joke and what your partner mean it. Dont assume what your partner say is something what he mean, sometime is a joke. Please dont thing to much about something not important and sad because something not important.. because when u sad.. your partner also must sad deeply if they luv u. Furthermore, the world is big and we have many choice to solve the problem, dont thing, act like child.

What your partner sacrifice  for u, u must appreciate it well...think about it and u must thing what your partner sacrifices is very2 valuable, important to u. For example you must think why your partner not message, meet another women or not flirt with another women. You must appreciate it and do same thing to him if u can.

What you dont want your partner do to you, pliss dont do to your partner..the world is about judgement, what ever u do in this world, someone will do back to u someday, so dont be selfish... the relationship is not just about u, but your partner also have heart need to care,for example if u dont want your boyfriend treat another girl more than just friend and dont want your boyfriend go out dating with another girl, so u also must not go out with another boy, if not, you dont become angry, mad if your boyfriend do the same thing to you.if you want to go out also, your must think what u do will affect your partner, what other people say, thing about u especially when u already meet your partner friends, parent. What your partner parent, friends say if they know u go dating with another guy.. and furthermore u is in relationship with your partner, u not single anymore,what a meaning of relationship if u easily go out with another guy??what the exclusive of this relationship?? are u ever see your father or your mother go out dating with another girl or guy??? that why the relationship last till now.

The promise is another thing need to fulfill. Do not agree when your partner ask something that hard or impossible to fulfill. U need to discuss with your partner first before agree of the promise, the promise is a very2 big thing because the promise is something we must fulfill. The our trust, integrity is inside the promise, one its broken, hard the person to trust back if something happen. The person who always broke the promise is munafiq

The most important thing to me in relationship is u must care of your partner heart first.. its very-very important to make sure your relationship last forever.. respect your partner.. do not do something, not say something that can hurt your partner. If u have friends, scandal, x boyfriends the most important priority is take care of your heart partner cannot satisfied all people in one time, do not entertained your boyfriend, scandal to much and hurt your partner deeply.  that why me always things first when want to do, to say something

this is a basic thing in relationship, but must important things to do when u are in relationship.. to my friend, please to do so, if not, your partner hurt deeply your relationship hardly to last forever :'(

me in very2 sad mode,tired, my friend, please pray for us..


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bersabarlah abg z! ni kan dugaan org bercinta! =) gud luck bro!

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baik lah diyana, good luck too ;)

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