Friday, December 11, 2009

kepulangan yg di nanti

at six dec my parent finaly back to malaysia after perform the haj at mekah huhu at first, my father call me and say they will come back at 8 oclock, at that time i still at my home vilage

after that i go to my cousin's house at sepang and gather with my relative to pick my parent after done with haj

huhuhu at that time, time to time feel so long and i'm miss them so much, after that i get call from my father and the flight delay at madinah and expected to arrive at 2 o'clock

we arrive at klia at 1.45 am, huhuhu so many people at balai ketibaan klia huhuhu they also have same thing to do, to wait their relative, friends from madina,

i get another col from my father say they already arrived at 2.30 am an may be can out after check at 4am huhuhu that mean i have to wait for another hour

that true when people saY waiting is painful when u see people from haj out one by one but my parent still not out ;(

finally they out, huhuhu i feel very2 happy after so long not see them,alhamdulillah coz they finally come back safety and done with their haj ;)

croud waiting their relative

finaly~ my parent, luv them so much!


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