Wednesday, June 29, 2011

me in practical period

Assalamualaikum my friends, i hope, everything happy as usual, today i will write about my practical period, actually, i got practical place in tourism Malaysia, but since the general manager of Lub Dagangan Sdn Bhd is my fathers friends, he offer me a place for doing my practical, and my father ask me to go there.
Everyday in my practial period i wake up early in morning and i drive my car to the Lub Dagangan Office, everyday i need to face the bad trafic jam in KL, as u see in above picture, at lebuhraya Timur Barat connecting to lebuhraya Persekutuan, there stuck at traffic jam, one day, i stuck there about 2 and the half hours, can u imagine? i go to muar only about 1+ hour.can u imagine?
After that i parking at another place in the PJ because the parking fee is too expensive,about rm 300 per month, but later on i got 6 summons from MBPJ :'( the Lub Dagangan place is at pusat dagangan philio damansara seksyen 16 PJ, that place is for high end people and business so many bentley, ferrrari, mercedes, Bmw and porche is ordinary in there.
This is my table and do so many work here, i help Kak Tini as a workshop development executive. And my job is calling customer, persuade them to join the incentive program and follow up with them, i also need to manage the data, help to balance kak tini excell data and so on, here i meet many staff and friends and my closes friends is Azam and Amir. We always lunch and talk together since they still young and boy like me. there i given one assignment, study and present it to the staff and the general manager
The man in black shirt is abang min, he a good person and have a deep knowledge about marketing and the white shirt is lub dagangan general manager, En Zainal Abidin bin Muslan
my presentation is about study on how petronas lubricant can become market leader in 2015. huhu the presentation is not going well like i want because what i present is argued by them, because they have deep knowledge compare to me.
huhuhu i go back to home at 6 o clock, but with the bad traffic jam i never manage to arrive before 730, usually i arrive at the night, see picture above, ;) right now i still go to interview and find the right job suitable for me, for my friends, pray for me, Tq ;)


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