Thursday, January 28, 2010

mari membuat roti sandwich

this week i'm little bit busy because have to wakeup early to make the sandwich to d'marketer's entrepenur booth at foyer law,after 3 days selling sandwich, usually it's sold out haha, maybe it's very2 delicious, ;) i, president, and deputy president make it with recipe hotel mgt student, to my fellow friend, pliss buy before it's sold out at our booth ;) here is some pic

haaa ni a masa sebok2 wt sandwich

ni pulak masa dh bungkus


Nurul Inas said...

Nak resipi!!!

abg z said...

hehe nk ke? sng jeee bhn2 utk sandwich tuna, sardin, dikeringkn air, bawang digoreng, mayonis, lada itam, sulah,ha gaul seckup rasa, bg telo lak, rebus telur,ancurkan, n mayonis, lada itam, sulah,ha gaul seckup rasa, 2 a die, siap aaa, aaa lg satu beli italian herbs, haaa pastu cmpur scukup rasa

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