Thursday, January 7, 2010

wanita2 zaman sekarang

huhuhu i discover the shocking information recently, at semester break when i go to my hometown at muar,its happen when i knowinn the girl when i with my cousen go to gunung at gunung ledang to swiminnn and gets feelin the fresh air,

when i arive at that place we fine a good place to swimm, deep, and has a big place to swimminn, huhu after place our beg at the big rock, we go to swimm at the waterfall, at that place, there are a few people swimmin at that area, i thing they all is the family there are 3 girls, 2 boy and 2 little boy,

from that 3 girl 1 girl become my atttention to my eyes because, she's beautiful huhu and i always playinn my eyes wit her, huhu after that i go to swimming and one part i wit a one little boy catch a fish at the waterfall

on the way to go home at the care, i meet again wit them, suddently the small boy came to me and ask me my hp no, and i give it the him

later he masaggin with me, and at that time i feel so borring and ask for his sister no,that girl who i admire about her beauty,huhu and i was happy because have someone to accompanyinn me during my semester break

at first we just knowinn each other, and later,after the few day massaginn me, she start to say i was hansome,she luv me,say i was kind person,missin me, later, she story to me about the dark past

i was so,so,so,so shocking hear her sory because she still young, she's only just to enter form four, she was dont have her's viginity because being rape by former boyfriends,

its happpen when her just enter form 3, she was get fever and not go to schools,later she invite her boyfriends to her house, at her room, she are being rape by her boyfiends, she say it was very painfully because her's bf did not foreplay and not kissinn each others, he just penetrate to vagina and the result is very2 disaster,she not fillinn good or enjoy her first sex experience, because is very2 painful,its supposedly the happiest moment in her live but its turn the worst nightmare. what her remember at that time only satisfied her's boyfriends face

after that she discover her boyfriends is a playboy person and she broke up with him, and realy2 regret what they done before, but how many regret cannot return what has done before

the information i get make me very2 shockin because she's the vilager girl,very2 beautiful and kind always take care by her parent, she cannot out from home without any good reason,can u imagine how about the urban girl?she also sill young and i thing at that age she suppose to study and not trap such that problem,she also trust her's boyfriends, and give the virginity to him, no wonder, nowday the girl become the lust object to satisfied the man lust,no wonder the girl nowday run away from house and trust the man only a few hour know, chat, like lombok man,

the man also must remember, the dosa done by the girl become the bitch because he take the virginity is also dosa of the man. can u imagine u carry someone else dosa? the girl i know also had to satisfied herself,haw about another girl who had to satisfied her lust? then they become bohsia, can u imagine to carry dosa bohsia?

man also must remember they also has girl in family member, what happen when its happen to own family like your mom, own sister gets rape by another person?? CAN they all imagine?plise use the akal wisely and not use akal to driven lust

just remember, what u done in dunia akan dibalas dunia jua,actually some what i done is gat pay cash in dunia like i lie to my parent and after that i got lied by my gf,apatah lagi balasan at akhirat, sanggup kah anda semua menahan siksaan api neraka yg amat menyakitkan? huhu and dont forget what ALLAH promise, sesiapa yg baik, pasangan die adalah serupa dgnya, n sesiapa yg jahat pasangannya adalah org yg jahat juga, n jgn lupa bahawa siksaan allah amat keras dan pedih


Ct J said...

huhu....jd mcm ne hubngn ko ngn budk tu, when u know all this?

HambaNYA said...

i like ur story but the thing that i doesn't like about it is ----> u fall in love wif that girl just because her face..such a nonsense thing zul! don't see people because of their face but their faith in Allah..bear in mind, see others wif heart not wif eyes..


abg z said...

well amy im not fall in luv with anyone, i just b careful so the dark past cannot happen anymore, what i look is not about face, but inside her heart and faith in allah

hbngan kmi still kwn,

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