Tuesday, February 2, 2010

adakah ini dinamakn cinta???

huhuhu the story about her begins... when i'm give responsibility to be technical and logistic biro when i'm at part 2, hehe... at that time i so tired and busy doing technical and logistic work, but i'm really happy because meet so many new friend's and get new experience

ni masa mlm hope ngn kwn2 sekelas, marketing rocks!!!

while i'm busy doinn my work, suddenly i see her, and she smile to me, huhu to me, she had a very2 beautiful smile, well when people smile, you must give smile back to her, hehe i'm smile back to her, and when i met her, we always bertentangan mata,she always give very2 beautiful smile to me, but inside her eyes, there are something to say to me,

this happen from hope until now,but recently we usually meet,and i start to missinnn her smile, i feel my world not complete without her smile, and always pray to see her again,again,again, n again

today i see her again, at pitar 2, when i see her, she want go away from pitar, but still with her beautiful smile to me, heee and then i rent computer at pitar, and then, i see her again at printer, again we smile together, my fiend ask me to talk to her, ask her no, but still my word like cannot out from my mouth, and my heart beat faster, still i dont know her name :'( not like me when meet another girl

after that she go out from pitar and me also go out and go to bus stop to wait bus, can bring me to pdg kawad, where my binik parking, again i see her again, as usually she give to me her sweet smile to me,and she with her friends go away with motocycle

si dia bersma2 kwn kls membuat persembahan

i'm ask myself this is called luv? but can i fall in luv again? does not enough pain i get when i luv girl? i look very2 stupid when i fall in luv, will the previous dark part in my life occur again, i actually tired of luv, and want to be alone forever,any suggestion? any advice to me?


Syazu86 said...

Memang sah itu adalah cinta. Teruskan usaha dan jangan was-was lagi. Cubalah yakin pada diri dan cipta sebuah perkenalan sebelum terlambat. Jika masih ragu-ragu lagi, orang yang kita sayang akan terlepas dari genggaman. Berterus-terang adalah jalan terbaik. Biar si dia yang memberi jawapan. Berjaya atau tidak usah pedulikan, yang penting beban di hati kita akan berkurangan dgn jwpnnya. Good luck!!!

abg z said...

ok, insya allah sy akn mencuba mencipta sbuah perkenalan itu, time ksh~

Nurul Inas said...

go for it!!!!

Anonymous said...

abg zec...!! chayok2....!! =)

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