Saturday, July 17, 2010

welcome to our big family ;)

iman zulaikha 
huhuhu thats the beautiful name of this cute baby. she actually the daughter to my closes cousin shukor@ahtoot congrats to him and his family and welcome to our big family iman, actually she is so small and very-very cute and she the baby prematured because in the womb only 8month and when she born only about 2.6kg she rarely to cry and always sleep, unlike another baby.i wish you become a good girl and beautiful attitude like your beautiful name

innocence face ;)

sleep tight ;)
she just wake up, very2 cute isn't it? ;)

our prophet love child, and love to play with child and zul remember someone said when u look at baby, it will resemble of member of heaven because they just out from heaven and dont have any sin, unlike us the child is like white plain fabric,the parent is the one need to educate them to be nasrani, majusi or islam the best way of life ;)


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