Friday, February 26, 2010

my best friends wedding day

the couple celebrate to the wedding place wit team of kompang

me with him, huhu actually he shorter then me

past Saturday, huhuhu i attend my best friends wedding day,at Ijok Batang Berjuntai selangor, best, happy sgt2 when u see someone close with u happy or in this case get married with the girl he love... we can feel the happiness smile inside him, congratulation and zul pray may this wedding will last till the end and bring happiness forever to this couple, huhu may god bless them ;)


Nurul Inas said...

h0h0..selamat pengantin baru kat dia!!!
mmg happy tgk org kawin..
abg zec ble lg????:P

abg z said...

huhu tkmo kawen aaa, kamo yg patut kawen dlu

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